Reminiscences starring Hugh Jackman will be released on August 27 in selected Indian cities

Warner Bros. Pictures has announced that the remake starring Hugh Jackman will be released in India on the big screen on August 27th. The studio has already released Mortal Combat, The Suicide Squad and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It in theaters.

The memory, which includes Rebecca Ferguson and Thandiwe Newton, revolves around Jackman’s Nick Bannister, a private researcher of the mind, who navigates the gloomy world of the past by helping his clients regain lost memories.

Living on the edge of a sunken Miami coast, his life changes forever when he takes on new client May (Ferguson). A simple thing lost and found becomes a dangerous siege. As Bunnister struggles to find out the truth about May’s disappearance, he uncovers a violent conspiracy and eventually has to answer the question: How far do you go to catch the ones you love?

“The film is addictive to the idea of ​​memory and nostalgia, or it’s fascinating to go back and live in the good old days. What does it mean to be able to escape so easily? “Jackman said in a statement.

The Hollywood star is hopeful that the film will impress its fans in the post-epidemic period.

“I think we’re living in this changing world. We’ve in this post – epidemic world now and we’re coming out now … is this a new world? Are we trying to recreate what was before? And I think it’s a really interesting time and a very uncertain time. I hope the film resonates that way, it’s awesome to have memories here, but as human beings we have to constantly create new ones. I hope this film starts that kind of discussion. ”

Writer-director-producer Lisa Joy, who previously co-created and directed the TV series Westworld, directed her film with Reminiscence and directed from her own original screenplay.


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