The Red Notice trailer starring Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds has been released and it looks like Action Rome. Here, Johnson plays an FBI agent assigned to arrest Gal Gadot’s ‘The Bishop’. In order to be arrested, he must partner with Ryan Reynolds Nolan Booth.

The trailer suggests that this is a cat and mouse game that will take on these three characters worldwide. The video also gives a peek for some subtle action sequences.

The Red Notice was directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber. He previously helped the Skyscraper, Central Intelligence and We Millers.

The film’s official summary reads: In a worldwide quest he finds himself in the midst of a fearless robbery to partner with Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds), the world’s greatest art thief, to catch the world’s most wanted art thief ‘The Bishop’ (Gal Gadot). . The flying adventure then takes the trio from around the world, across the dance floor, into a lonely prison, into the jungle and, worst of all, constantly into one’s company.

The red notice in the middle of the infection was filmed with strict Kovid-19 protocols. At the end of the film, Dwayne Johnson shared a video where he addressed the staff with an emotional speech. “I’ve done a lot of big productions in my career, but no one can compare to the red notice and what it means. Thanks, the emotion (I paused for a moment during these comments) and the galvanized spirit of this team – I feel like my family – join hands with their family Sacrificed shoulder to shoulder through the intense COVID conditions, proud and tireless are always the hardest workers in the room. Get the job done. “


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