Pennelope Anne Films TikTok Showing Sweet Moment Dying Dad Tastes Bundaberg Rum One Last Time

A daughter shared the sweet moment she gave her dying father one last sip of his favorite drink, in what many call a beautiful send-off.

Pennelope Anne filmed a TikTok explaining that her father, who was hospitalized in a hospice unit, could no longer swallow, but kept asking for one last sip of Bundaberg rum.

Pennelope Anne filmed a TikTok sharing the sweet moment.
camera iconPennelope Anne filmed a TikTok sharing the sweet moment. Credit: PerthNow

So, in her last moments, she “sneaked” a can of her favorite beverage into the room along with a syringe to fulfill her dying wish for one final drink.

“I came prepared for the farewell, give it a little taste here,” she says in the video.

After giving her father the syringe filled with rum, she asks “does it taste good?” to which her father nods.

Pennelope was joined by her mother, who could be seen smiling and laughing after her reaction.

The video, subtitled “One last drink with dad before his spirit returned to the universe. Until we cross paths again old man. I love you,” has racked up 43,000 likes with users admiring the touching farewell.

One person commented: “Some of that sweet nectar for the old man, fly high 🥰.”

Another added: “This is a perfect sendoff. She couldn’t ask for anything more, a group and her favorite ladies. I’m sorry for losing him.”

Pennelope thanked social media users for their kind response, but said her actions were “the least she could do” for her father.

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