Paul Thomas Anderson’s Licorice Pizza Trailer About Young Love, Watch Video

The first trailer for Licorice Pizza starring Alana Heim and Cooper Hoffman (son of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman) has been released. The Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson Sean Penn, Bradley Cooper and Maya Rudolph also star in key roles.

Going into the trailer, it looks like Anderson is trying something he has rarely done in his amazing career – a teenage love story. The video introduces us to these two young characters, one of whom is a child actor. The film also marks the end of Anderson’s early days in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles.

Bradley Cooper appears in a few scenes that appear to be a very clear wig, first teaching the character of Hoffman to pronounce the name of singer Barbara Streisand correctly, and then smashing cars with humorous fury.

The film made its feature film debut with its lead actors Alana Hym and Cooper Hoffman.

Licorice Pizza marks the ninth outing directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. In the past, the filmmaker has provided some of the most acclaimed films of modern Western cinema, including Boogie Nights, There Will Be Blood, The Master and Phantom Thread.

Licorice pizza is scheduled for an early November release this year. It will then be released worldwide on December 25th.


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