On Jesse Eisenberg’s birthday, he revisited his amazing performance as Mark Zuckerberg on The Social Network

Jesse Eisenberg is 38 years old today. The actor has received many accolades in his career, but no one is closer to the role of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. David Fincher The Social Network. Written by Aaron Sorkin, the film is a combination of Fincher’s trademark storytelling techniques and sensibilities (flashbacks, narrative jumps, muted color tones), Sorkin’s sharp script and snappy dialogues.

Zuckerberg’s Facebook continues to influence our lives, sometimes in a frightening way, more than a decade after its release.

All the ingredients are right there. The social network has a promising creative team. Only a strong central performance is required for the film to be successful. It got an actor from Eisenberg that seems to fit the role uniquely.

It is wise not to imitate Eisenberg Zuckerberg because it turns the film into an inexpensive parody intended for comedy like Inexpensive Night Live. Instead, he brought his own interpretation to the character. In other words, he wrote a character from the script so he didn’t act like a real person.

Thanks to Sorkin, Eisenberg has an amazing script to work with. From the very beginning, right in the first scene, the movie catches you and doesn’t really let you go. Even as dry as negotiations

We saw Harvard undergraduate Zuckerberg being dumped by his girlfriend Erica Albright (an invented character played by Rooney Mara). He avenges his son by insulting her on his blog.

We see again and again this tendency to demean everyone below his level of intelligence. Eisenberg does an amazing job of living in this arrogant maniac – thanks to his lonely nature we are not a real person, we do not know what a real Zuckerberg is like.

Eisenberg previously played geeky, socially awkward people, but that’s a different matter. It has become a geek, whose biggest creation is home to hate speech, misinformation, racism, homosexuality and abusive content, and US media reports, if any, can sway millions of people towards a political candidate, perhaps one who is proficient at it.

Eisenberg Zuckerberg has some miserable elements, but there are also some bad ones. The actor is flawless in portraying two faces to the character.


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