Nicole Kidman exempted from quarantine order for Hong Kong TV series shoot

The Hong Kong government said on Thursday that it had granted a detention exemption to a man to do “designated professional work” following reports by the Hollywood actress. Nicole Kidman She does not have to spend time in custody when she comes to the city to shoot a TV serial.

“The case under discussion is considered to be conducive to maintaining the necessary operation and development of the Hong Kong economy and allowed to go to Hong Kong with quarantine exemption to perform the assigned professional work,” the government said in a statement, without identifying Kidman by name.

Individuals granted such exemptions must adhere to disease prevention measures to reduce transmission risks and reduce contact with the public.

Kidman, who flew from the infected Sydney, Australia to Hong Kong, was spotted in the city this week. She is here to shoot a new Amazon Prime video series called Exports.

Her detention waiver came as Hong Kong tightened entry restrictions, with those arriving from high-risk countries such as the US having to spend 21 days in detention and travelers fully vaccinated from medium-risk countries having to spend 14 days from Friday.

The city has previously allowed travelers from medium-risk countries to stay in designated hotels for just seven days if fully vaccinated and tested for positive antibodies.


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