Nicole Kidman blames ex-husband Tom Cruise for ‘sexist question’: ‘I’m not sure if anyone would say that’

Nicole Kidman She had to ask an alleged sexist question from a journalist about her recent film Being the Ricardos. In an interview with The Guardian’s Eva Wiseman, the actor talks about his character Lucille Ball and her relationship with her husband Desi Arnaz.

She described the film: “It’s about a creative and romantic relationship that doesn’t work. But some unusual things come out of it. And I love it. I like that this is not a happy ending. This film tells you that you can foster an extraordinary relationship and leave its remnants forever. Yes, it’s really beautiful.

She added, “People can’t make you behave the way you want to and sometimes you fall in love with someone you have never been with in your life. And I think all of this is very relative. You may have children with them. You may not, but they are very much in love.

When she went to ask the journalist “how she talks about Tom Cruise” Nicole replied, “Oh, my God, no, no. Absolutely not. I mean, honestly, it wasn’t in this equation a long time ago. So no. And so I ask not to catch the pigeon.It’s almost sexist to me, because I’m not sure if anyone would say that to a man.And at some point, you go and say, ‘Give me my life. In its own right.’

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise were married in 1990 and their marriage lasted until 2001. In 2006 the magazine told the Ladies Home Journal that she still loved him, “he’s too old; Is still there. To me, he’s only Tom, but to everyone he’s too big. But he was lovely to me and I loved him. I still love him, ”she said.

Meanwhile, Being the Ricardos, written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, was released on December 21 on Prime Video. The film received a lot of positive reviews. The Indian Express gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

“Often, it’s her [Nicole’s] A show that draws you back to when Sorkin wrote himself into the corners. When she’s not on camera she has a mysterious cruelty to Lucy, which turns into a loud caricature that we recognize from sitcom. She’s so good at talking to Sorkinis that Kidman deserves an Oscar nomination for a close – up at the end of the film, which achieves what Sorkin wanted. He does legwork for it with everything in his writing arsenal, but relies entirely on Kidman to bring it home. And she does, ”read the review.


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