‘My cancer is in remission,’ says Hollywood actor Jeff Bridges

Hollywood celebrity Jeff Bridges, who was diagnosed with lymphoma last October, has revealed that his cancer is in “remission”.

In a handwritten note on his website, the 70-year-old actor also shared that he was infected with COVID-19 while undergoing treatment on Monday.

“My cancer is in remission, the mass of 9 × 12 (inches) has been reduced to marble size. My Kovid is in the rear view mirror,” the bridges wrote.

In a previously unpublished entry, the Oscar winner said he and his wife, Susan Geston, were severely debilitated by chemotherapy at worst because they were infected with the virus. The actor spent five weeks in hospital due to his health issues.

“Kovid kicked my ** good, but I’m been double vaccinated and I’m very good now. I heard that the vaccine helps people with long hives. That may be the same reason for my rapid development,” he wrote in a September 13 blog post.

The Big Lebowski star also said he was almost ready to breathe without the help of oxygen and was able to lead his daughter Haley to the wedding and dance with her.

Bridges said he was excited to resume shooting The Old Man. The actor, who is also working as an executive producer on the Hulu series, shared the first look of the show.


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