More than just MCU’s Hockey Eye: Watch Jeremy Renner’s Five Best Movies Here

Most people are acquainted with the actor Jeremy RennerThanks to Marvel Movies. Renner, however, has been proving his mettle for a long time. From playing serious, tough roles as a soldier, journalist, physicist and mayor, the actor did his part to be as versatile as possible. For those of you who know him only through his work as MCU superhero and avenger hockey, here is an opportunity to explore more of the artist’s works.


Dahmer, released in 2002, was one of his previous works to captivate audiences. Due to the biographical, fictional version of Jeremy Renner’s powerful, glamorous and belly curling performance of the infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s story in America, his silence on screen is as ominous as his on-screen action. . The chemistry he shared with Bruce Davison, who played his father in the feature, brought Dahmer’s more humane perspective alive and helped him later become a dangerous man.

You can watch Dahmer on YouTube.

Hurt Locker

Considered by many to be his most outstanding character, Jeremy Renner played Sergeant William James in the Catherine Bigelow thriller. Focused around the Iraq war, the film focuses on the psychological and emotional impact of such an ongoing war on soldiers. Nominated in nine categories at the Oscars, The Hurt Locker is a fine example of one of the films that can blend harmoniously with every bit of the filmmaking machine. And it is also in the sense of a ‘complete film’ that gives you a wide variety of emotions to experience in a limited period of time. From wonderfully crafted action sequences to believable performances, Hurt Locker is one you will not want to miss.

Hurt Locker airs on Amazon Prime Video.

American Hustle

Although Jeremy Renner was not a front-runner in this dark comedy based on the FBI Abscom of the late ’70s and’ 80s, he confidently played a supporting role in the form of Mayor Carmine Polito. However, the show’s steelers here are mostly lead players – Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence. Linus Sandgren’s excellent camera work makes American Hustle more dynamic and fun to watch.

American Hustle is available to broadcast on Amazon Prime video.

Kill the messenger

Based on the book Dark Alliance, produced by Jeremy Renner and written by investigative journalist Gary Webb, this 2014 release by Michael Questa Helm is a powerful thriller-drama that focuses on the obstacles that reporters face when deciding to cover a story with big shot players. In this case, presumably the CIA. Renner’s excellent central and grounded performance make it a must see. The film also stars Andy Garcia, Tim Blake Nelson, Michael Sheen and Mary Elizabeth Winstead in key roles.

Kill the Messenger is airing on Amazon Prime Video.


Undoubtedly one of the most well-crafted films on this list is the science-fiction drama Poetry in motion by acclaimed filmmaker Denis Villeneuve. Amy Adams gives her career-best performance and is supported by Jeremy Renner’s physicist character Ian Donnelly. Arrival is an interesting masterpiece about life on Earth and how we see ourselves and others in a big scheme.

You can see the arrival on Netflix.


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