More fears for the Queen for worrying details in the photo

Royal observers again fear for the queen’s health Well, a small detail in new photos raised concern.

The 96-year-old met Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon this week and the couple were photographed at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.

A small detail in a new photo has left royal watchers very concerned about the Queen’s health. Photo: Getty

Social media users shared their concern after seeing what appeared to be a bruise on the monarch’s right hand.

The royal family shared a photo of the reunion with one user who wrote: “Beautiful photo. What’s wrong with Her Majesty’s hand? It looks disgusting.”


“Is that a bruise on his hand? It looks like the door slammed shut or fell off,” another concerned fan questioned.

It is not the first time that the Queen’s hands have caused concern with a photo of Her Majesty taken last year after her brief stay in hospital revealing her hands were purple.

At the time, Dr. Jay Verma of Shakespear Medical Center said Meter“It could be Raynaud’s phenomenon or just really cold hands! The purple is due to a lack of oxygen in the blood.”

The Queen shakes hands with the Governor of New South Wales

It comes after a royal commenter recently described a new photo of the Queen as “alarming”, saying Her Majesty’s appearance is “worrying”. Photo: Getty

The Queen with Scott Morrison

The Queen photographed in a similar dress with Scott Morrison just a year earlier, looking very different. Photo: Getty

Raynaud’s phenomenon causes blood vessels in the hands and feet to overreact to low temperatures or stress, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The Queen has faced a series of health problems since the end of last year, in addition to her short stay in hospital, she also suffered a sprained back and had Covid-19 in early 2022.

Her Majesty has limited her attendance at major events and has been relying on a cane for the events she has attended.

More recently Royal watchers were left concerned by another photo of the monarch. with New South Wales Governor Margaret Beazley, where she looked much thinner and more frail compared to a similar snapshot taken last year with Scott Morrison.

in one piece for NewsCorpRoyal expert Daniela Elser shared that the Queen’s “troubling appearance” was “striking” compared to photos taken with ScoMo.

“The difference is really amazing,” he wrote. “In the intervening 12 months, his Majesty seems to have become noticeably stouter, much slimmer, and overall she seems to have shrunk.”

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