Meghan Markle could be interested in a political career, claims a royal expert

Meghan Markle you may be heading for a new career, and it has nothing to do with writing children’s books or making shows for Netflix.

Royal expert Russell Myers believes the 40-year-old Markle may have her sights set on a political career, especially after speaking out about the US Supreme Court’s repeal of Roe vs. Wade.

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On the UK talk show lorraineMyers said Markle’s recent conversation for Fashion with the author and feminist activist Gloria Steinem indicates that he has political ambitions.

Myers said that duke and duchess of sussex they were now much freer to express their political opinions, after moving to the US and leaving their royal duties.

“Meghan has said that she could be in Washington very soon,” Myers said, referring to a comment Markle made on the Fashion interview about a trip to the US capital with Steinem.

Could Meghan Markle be looking for a career in politics? Credit: Getty

“And certainly, Meghan was talking to Fashion over the weekend, talking about Roe vs. Wade, a very, very controversial abortion law that has been struck down in the US.

“Prince Harry and Meghan have… gotten their financial freedom, they have their essential freedom from the royal family, so they can talk about political issues.

“So does she (Meghan) have political ambitions? I think she does.

“And he certainly rubs shoulders with the right people and makes the right noises.

“It may not seem so ridiculous that she could run for office, because she’s certainly making the right noises.”

Protect women’s rights

In his conversation with FashionMarkle said that women’s rights should be protected and men should join the feminist fight.

“Men need to make themselves heard in this moment and beyond, because these are decisions that affect relationships, families and communities at large,” he said.

“They can target women, but the consequences affect us all.”

Markle described Prince Harry, 37, as a feminist.

“My husband and I talked about it a lot in the last few days,” she said, referring to the impact of the Supreme Court decision.

“He is also a feminist.”

Markle’s public comments on Roe vs. Wade sparked a backlash from some conservative politicians in the US.

Republican Lisa McClain described it as “just another attempt by former royals to insert their British drama into American politics”.

The Queen in Scotland

While Markle was in on the political conversation in the US, Queen Elizabeth was seen beaming with Prince Charles as they attended a parade in Scotland on Thursday.

The Queen appeared to be in good spirits as she watched the Reddendo Royal Company of Archers Parade in the gardens of the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, her official residence in Scotland.

Queen Elizabeth II attends the Queen’s Body Guard for Scotland on June 30, 2022. Credit: Jane Barlow/access point

The 96-year-old monarch has had a busy week in Scotland, making her first public appearances since her Platinum Jubilee weekend in early June.

He made only a few appearances over the four-day holiday weekend, and officials said he experienced some “discomfort” during those events.

Prince Charles, his son and heir to the throne, has been gaining more public prominence in recent months.

In her most recent public appearance, Elizabeth, dressed in a light blue suit, smiled as she watched more than 300 officers and archers from the Queen’s Home Guard take part in the parade.

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