MCU fans celebrate as Anthony Mackie is about to repeat Captain America

According to a Deadline report from Wednesday, Captain America has concluded a deal to reclaim Anthony Mackie’s name. Macy’s MCU character Sam Wilson receives Captain America’s armor in the final episode The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

An official confirmation has yet to be issued.

Malcolm Spellman, creator and lead author of The Falcon and Winter Soldier, is co-writing the script with staff writer Dalan Musson on the Disney + series, according to the Deadline report. No director yet.

Since Steve Rogers retired from his superhero duties in the endgame, there is a vacancy. Wyatt Russell’s John Walker was officially named Captain America by the U.S. government, but was fired after he killed a man with cold blood and was taped during the operation.

It should be noted that Chris Evans Captain did not come out completely as America. He will be back in the MCU at some point, but on a different project.

MCU fans on social media, not surprisingly, were delighted with the news.

One Twitter user, Chris Parker, wrote, “I can not wait for that movie # CaptainAmerica4 to imagine some fight scenes in that amazing suite.”

One finds that the quality of the series is good, so Mackie also works wonders in the film as a cap. “Falcon and winter soldier are great,” he tweeted.

Nick Zednick wrote, “I’m so happy for Mackie. The more cap in my book, the better! #CaptainAmerica4.”

Another fan wrote, “Yes! Variety confirms that #AnthonyMokey will return as #CaptainAmerica in #CaptainAmerica4! The deal is over! It’s official: #CaptainSamWIlson is coming to MCU !! “


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