Matt Doran leaves Weekend Sunrise after interview went wrong

weekend sunrise Co-host Matt Doran stormed off set after an interview went hilariously wrong.

The hilarious moment occurred during Sunday’s episode of the Channel Seven breakfast show.

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Doran and co-host Sally Bowrey were attempting to interview astrophysical and planetary sciences expert Dr. Kevin France about upcoming NASA rocket launches from Australia.

Seventy-five NASA staff members traveled to the Northern Territory for the exciting mission, scheduled to take place June 26-July 12.

Matt and Sally were trying to interview a NASA expert. Credit: Sunrise

However, unfortunate technical problems meant that viewers could see the guest, but not hear what he had to say.

“Please tell me we can’t send a rocket 300 km above Earth’s orbit, but we can’t communicate with Kevin,” Doran joked.

The breakfast TV host then tried to fill the silence and buy time to fix the technology problems by speaking off the cuff for nearly two excruciating minutes.

“I’m going to ramble on for a few minutes in the hope that we can establish communications,” he said.

“I apologize to Kevin, I apologize to our audience.”

The issue appeared to be resolved when viewers suddenly heard France say “I’ve got you”, prompting jubilant cheers in the Channel Seven studio.

“You beautiful!” Dorian yelled.

However, the celebrations were short-lived, and France’s audio cut out again almost immediately.

Doran tossed his script papers on the desk, got up from the couch, and walked away.

Matt walked off camera after the interview cut off for the second time. Credit: Sunrise
Sally laughed when the hilarious moment occurred. Credit: Sunrise

“Oh no, this is devastating, devastating,” Bowrey said.

Kevin, can you hear us?

“He can hear us, but we can’t hear him,” he explained.

“To be fair, the Northern Territory is too far away for television,” he laughed as Doran returned with a smile on his face.

Matt and Sally saw the funny side of things on LIVE television. Credit: Sunrise

NASA hopes there will be no technical problems when they launch their first rocket on Sunday night.

Three rockets will be launched in the coming weeks from the Arnhem Space Center on the Dhupuma Plateau.

The 13-meter machines will be used to investigate phenomena in heliophysics, astrophysics, and planetary science that can only be seen from the southern hemisphere.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced the launch earlier this month, describing the “really exciting” mission as something Australians can be proud of.

“These three launches are important, they are for universities to do scientific research,” he said.

“These rockets will travel about 250 km north into the sky to collect data on the physics of the sun and its relationship to the earth.”

It is the first time NASA rockets have been launched in Australia in 25 years.

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