Marvel Studios Eternals is set to release in India today

Marvel Studios is going to light up your Diwali gift for Indian fans. The studio has confirmed that it will release Are eternal, The 26th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the day after Diwali (November 5) in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.

Directed by Oscar winner Klose Zhao, The film is about nouns that have lived secretly on Earth for 7000 years.

Created by entities called Celestials, the Eternals are in the business of protecting the earth from their faults and evil adversaries.

Eternals, written by Matthew and Ryan Firpo, has a collective cast. It stars Richard Madden as Icaris, Gemma Chan as Cersei, Kumail Nanziani as Kingo, Lauren Ridgeoff as McCarthy, Brian Tyrene Henry as Fastos, Salma Hayek as Ajax, Leah McHogh as Sprite, Grigamesh as Grigamesh. Kit Harrington plays Dane Whitman.

The film looks aptly appropriate in the vein of Avenger movies, but is also different in terms of tone and style to suit a group of thousands of years old. This is different from what we have seen in the MCU so far.

It also indicates further expansion of the MCU. We now know that multiverse is the reality in MCU, but Eternals are going to show how big and old the Marvel Universe really is. Now that we have just crossed the earth, we are about to reach the galaxy and the universe and the cosmic letters.


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