Maharshala Ali teamed up with Julia Roberts in the film Leaf The World Behind Netflix

Oscar winner Maharshala Ali stars opposite Julia Roberts in the Netflix family drama Leave the World Behind. Hollywood veteran Denzel Washington has negotiated in the past For a lead role in the project, it was originally announced in July 2020, but now Deadline reports that Ali will play that role.

The film is based on the novel of the same name by author Ruman Alam. Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail has been added to direct and adapt the book. Esmail had previously worked with Julia Roberts on the first season Amazon Prime Video Series Homecoming.

Leave the World Behind follows two families, strangers to each other, who have been forcibly mistaken for a long weekend.

Roberts plays the mother of a rented family and Ali plays the landlord. The story explores parenthood, race and class themes.

The film will be produced by Roberts under her Red Om Films banner and by Esmail and Chad Hamilton by Esmail Corporation. Alam is the executive producer.

Ali won two Oscars for his performance Moonlight And the Green Book, the next Apple Studios film to be screened at Swan Song.

He will also be acting Marvel Studios Cinema Blade, The bus is to be directed by Tariq.


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