MAFS’ Olivia Reveals She Was ‘Ghosted’ By Co-Star: ‘Heartbroken’

married at first sight star olivia frazer has revealed that she was left heartbroken after being “ghosted” by one of her popular co-stars.

Speaking in a question and answer session on her Instagram Stories, Olivia made an explosive statement Brent Vitello cut her and her partner lonie jackson turned off after the show aired portraying Olivia as the villain.

She added that she and Jackson had been close friends with Brent during filming, but he later “passed over” the couple.

Olivia Frazer claims Brent Vitiello ‘ghosted’ her after the show. Source: Instagram

“I was heartbroken when he started ghosting us. Then I saw videos of him standing with people singing, ‘F**k Olivia,’ and I was furious,” she said, referring to the moment on the rival screen. by domenica calarco mail-MAFS celebration.

“He never apologized for making me a ghost or anything like that. He never held out his hand to me while MAFS was on air or after.

“He was our best friend on set. He was in Jackson and in my flat the whole time. He nicknamed us ‘mom and dad.’ And the only time I’ve heard of him is a mean text he sent me about something.” that no one cares about.”


In her question and answer session, Olivia also addressed questions about your recently launched OnlyFans accountwhich earned him $10,000 in his first 12 hours on the adult subscription site.

Olivia, who is currently traveling in Europe, admitted that she had made a sex tape with Jackson, but that no one would ever see it.

The stars of the ninth season of MAFS pose on a sofa.

Some of the stars of season nine of MAFS. Source: Supplied

“I was never, ever, ever going to let this story see the light of day, but it’s so much fun,” he told fans.

“We shot a sex tape before I left Aus, and it was a disaster.

“Yes, I would consider doing a sex tape, I considered doing a sex tape, I did the sex tape and it was a disaster. So that idea is going to go back in the drawer.”

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