Love Island UK star Amy Hart reveals the only time contestants can turn off their mics

love island uk star Amy Hart has taken tik tok to spread the dirt about what actually happens on the show.

Fans were curious as to what the bathroom procedures were like in the island of love Town.

In a recent Q&A session, a follower asked if islanders still had to use their microphone when going to the bathroom.

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Amy, who appeared in the 2019 season of Love Island UK – revealed the secret behind the scenes in a tik tok video.

“They have someone watching and when you go to the bathroom you can turn off the microphone,” Amy said.

The 29-year-old explained that there are strict bathroom rules at the Villa and only one person is allowed in the bathroom at any one time.

“There’s a camera in the bathroom, but it’s a security camera and you only look if something happens, to see how you fell and hit your head or something,” he explained.

“So they don’t hear you pee or poop and they don’t look at you either.”

Amy Hart, Love Island UK
Amy Hart reveals that the only contestant can turn off their microphones in the TikTok Q&A. (TikTok/@amyhart)

But many fans still questioned the “bizarre” bathroom procedures.

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“Not sure I trust the guy who turns off the mic,” one TikTok user commented.

One follower said they “could never go”.

“I’d take my mic off, I don’t trust anyone,” another commented.

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This isn’t the first time Amy has lifted the lid. island of love mysteries.

In a previous TikTok Q&A, a fan asked “What if you’re on your period in the villa?”

Amy had a very frank response.

“I don’t really understand what you think I’m going to say, like we’re segregated in another room, only black bikinis allowed,” she said.

“We just get down to business, like you would if you were on vacation.”

Amy appeared in season 5 of Island of love UK. She fell in love with another islander, Curtis Pritchard. Amy was devastated when Curtis broke off their relationship.

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Stream all episodes of love island uk Y love island australia free at 9Now.

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