Lashana Lynch on making history as 007 in No Time to Die: ‘Nothing makes sense’

While Lashana Lynch was in stunt training, it was revealed that she was going to act as a 00 agent in the James Bond movie No Time to Die.

Lynch is already starring director Carrie Joji Fukuna and producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson. But who she should play for remains a mystery to her. She is doing her part for the undecided but clearly butt-kicking role.

“Nothing makes sense. I’m immersed in acrobatics and they are teaching me everything under the sun,” Lynch said in an interview. “And I’m like: Why are you teaching me this? What does that mean? “

Instead, Lynch heard bits and pieces as she went. She says it’s like a TV series that reveals each episode a little more carefully. The full revelation came only when she was in the middle of a summer of salting and firing of fake guns. Lynch was the first black woman to act as an agent of 00 in six decades of James Bond movies.

Not only that, but Lynch’s character, Nomi, took the codename 007 from Daniel Craig’s James Bond AWOL and the British Secret Service.

“Auditioning for a mysterious film and a mysterious character turned out to be a Bond film and a mysterious character,” Lynch recalled. “It turned out to be the perfect Bond film and there was a chance that someone would step in and create a really beautiful storm.”

No Time to Die, which marks Daniel Craig’s last turn as an agent of 007, had to be delayed by 18 months to finally reach theaters due to the coronavirus epidemic. It was released in India on September 30.


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