Kosinski talks about his failed remake of “Black Hole”

Kosinski in his new sunken version of the black hole

“Top Gun: Maverick” filmmaker Joseph Kosinski first hit the movie scene a little over a decade ago with “Tron: Legacy,” the film that served as a follow-up to Disney’s costly 1982 flop.

Though it didn’t do enough to warrant a sequel, the movie was well-regarded enough to make movies like “Oblivion,” “Only the Brave,” “Maverick” and “Spiderhead.”

However, in the early 2010s, he and producer Sean Bailey were also toying with the idea of ​​a remake of another ambitious but expensive Disney sci-fi flop from decades ago: Gary Nelson’s 1979 film ” The Black Hole”.

In the original film, the crew of a space exploration ship comes into contact with crazed scientist Dr. Hans Reinhardt, the only human aboard a giant ship planning to fly into a black hole. Robots man Reinhardt’s ship, but the team from the USS Palomino (led by Robert Forster) discovers a dark secret about them and Reinhardt’s past.

At the time, “Dune,” “Prometheus” and “Passengers” writer Jon Spaihts was hired to write a rewrite of the remake’s script. The script was apparently complete and well considered, but the studio effectively canceled any plans for it.

In 2016, Spaihts said slashfilm:: “I loved that script. He feels uncomfortable in the world of Disney as a dark epic, and Disney is in a very colorful place. It was very true to the original, but smart in every way, in that first movie it was silly, I hope.”

Cut to this week and Kosinski spoke with the envelope about his various jobs when the subject of the forgotten new version of “Black Hole” came up.

Kosinski revealed that the film shared too many similarities with Christopher Nolan’s space drama “Interstellar,” which ultimately ended with her in the House of Mouse. However, he says that he still loves the property, even if he is not sure how he would do the project now:

“I still feel like that movie is one of the most unique that Disney has ever made, the original, I mean. it’s wild. The idea of ​​a trip to a black hole is still one of those very intriguing things because it’s not science fiction. They really do exist, and all the effects happening around them are real physics. So there is a great story to tell about that journey. I just, at this point, still haven’t figured out what that would be for me.”

Kosinski has already lined up his next movie, the “Formula 1” racing movie, starring Brad Pitt, which will have a theatrical release followed by an exclusive Apple TV+ streaming. The original “The Black Hole” is available on the Disney+ service.

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