Kit Harrington doing Modern Love Post Game of Thrones: ‘For 10 years, I did the least comedy role on TV’

After spending just over a decade playing just one role, Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington says he now wants to take the “slightly lighter” parts and not take too much time.

Eight seasons later at the HBO Epic Fantasy Show, which ended in May 2019, Harrington rose to global stardom with a brooding warrior named Jon Snow and one of the key characters.

When asked about his plans after the series, the actor told PTI, “It was awful for me to answer this question because I didn’t really get a big plan. I go where the writing is good and the thing works with my life. And I try and choose the parts that look interesting. “

Harrington, 34, is currently on the anthology series of the Amazon Prime video Modern love And Bohemian Rhapsody star Lucy Boynton opposite in the Strangers on a (Dublin) train episode.

“I did it (Modern Love) because it’s a little easier. You know, for 10 years I did the least comedy role on TV. It literally didn’t break a joke. And when they gave me a joke, it didn’t work. So, doing something like Modern Love, there It’s a bit of a joke and it’s very refreshing. “

Joan Snow Kit Harrington plays John Snow, one of the main characters in Game of Thrones. (Photo: HBO)

The actor, who previously starred in another anthology series Criminal: UK on Netflix, said he became a fan of the format as “very manageable”.

“I like the anthology stuff a lot. It’s an anthology piece. I did the criminal I like. I’m doing another part of it, which is very similar.

“It gives me a chance to jump in, tell this little story and come out. And then that little little chamber piece exists and hopefully speaks to people. But it’s very manageable,” Harrington said.

Another reason for undertaking a project like Modern Love is that the actor wants to have a different filmography.

“I’m doing those single pieces because I’ve spent ten years making a character. So I want to change what I’m doing and do as many things as I can. And I do not want to be associated with the same character for too long. I did.”

Harrington described modern love as a “high-budget indie movie” that was the complete opposite of Game of Thrones.

“In many ways, I would describe the Modern Love experience as weirdly a high-budget indie movie. It’s very much the opposite of Game of Thrones, it’s a big-budget movie. .

“It’s a really satisfying way of working. It’s like making a short film. It’s half an hour or 40 minutes, that’s a week’s of work. And then it’s very frozen and I can really focus on that story,” he added.

Modern love kit Harrington Still in modern love by Kit Harrington. (Photo: Amazon Prime)

Based on the New York Times column and podcast of the same name, Modern Love was created by John Carney. The show features solitary stories and explores love in many forms, including sexual, romantic, family, platonic and self-love.

In his episode, Strangers on a (Dublin) Train, when the coronavirus epidemic begins in March 2020, the actor plays Michael, who meets Paula (Bointon) on a train from Galway to Dublin.

Their bond in the story develops to be “meaningful” during the journey, so they decide to choose old school romance without changing numbers or social media contacts and meet again in the traditional way.

Harrington called Michael “a good guy and a little bloated”, not a “cool dude” like his brother Declan, who played Jack Raynor in the episode.

“Michael is a little buttoned up, tense and anxious. I’m related to it. I think there’s a part of me (there). It’s great to go back to where you were on the train and you can meet another person and get lucky that it’s love.

“I’m well gone now. I’m married. But it’s nice to have such a dream live somewhere in my head,” he said.

Kit Harrington Rose Leslie With Kit Harrington’s wife and his Game of Thrones co-star Rose Leslie. (Photo: AP / File)

The actor has been married to his Game of Thrones co-star Rose Leslie since 2018. The couple welcomed their first child earlier this year.

Harrington calls himself a “desperate romantic”, but at the same time the British actor says he does not believe in the concept of love at first sight.

“The thing that makes me look so attractive, makes me go, ‘Oh, hello. What’s that?’ Laugh. I like to be able to laugh with someone. For everyone, it’s different, right? It’s different things for different people. People experience love differently.

“So, at first glance I don’t believe that love is really a thing. I think you might think so. It’s a very unusual thing to say, but I think love comes through chemical reactions inside your body. For me, it’s laughter and conversation.”


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