Jerry Hall reportedly ‘heartbroken’ after marriage to Rupert Murdoch ends | Rupert Murdock

Jerry Hall has been left “heartbroken” and “devastated” by the abrupt End of her marriage to Rupert Murdochblaming their children for driving a wedge between them, it has been reported.

Hall was waiting in the UK for 91-year-old media mogul Murdoch to join her when she sent an email saying their marriage was over. reports the Daily Mail. The message added that she should communicate with him only through his lawyers. The model is said to have told a friend: “I still love him. I’m devastated.”

Murdoch, the chief executive of News Corp, which is reportedly worth £14 billion, married Hall in 2016.

The Mail reports that the tensions between Hall and Murdoch’s children occurred during the pandemic. Sources inside Hall’s camp told the newspaper that she apparently took on a “guardian” role to keep her husband safe from Covid. She believes that led her family to think that she was trying to cut off regular contact with her father.

“They thought Jerry was keeping them away from him,” a friend said. “She blames the children for embittering the marriage. They had a lot to say about it and a role in her personal life, which came as an unpleasant surprise to her. They clearly mistrusted her.”

Earlier this year, according to the source, there were discussions with Hall and the family in general about his financial status and what he might get when Murdoch died, the newspaper reports. Some family members are said to have been concerned that no further provisions were being made for Hall at this time, according to the Mail.

She and Murdoch, whose media empire includes the Sun and Times newspapers as well as Fox News in the United States, signed a prenuptial agreement.

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The source added: “Jerry is truly devastated by what happened and insists it was all unexpected. One day they were making plans to spend the summer together in London, then this message popped up telling her to only contact him through lawyers.”

Hall, who turns 66 on Saturday, has four children with Sir Mick Jagger. She began dating Murdoch in 2015 and they were first seen together. attending a Rugby World Cup match.

Hall is said to be staying with his daughter at Henley. The end of the marriage was made public after she and her family were absent from Murdoch’s annual summer party last week. A Murdoch spokesman had no comment, the Mail reported.

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