Jennifer Lopez-Ben Affleck is now a red carpet officer, see photos

Bright and holding hands, singer Jennifer Lopez and actor Ben Affleck arrived for the Venice Film Festival on Thursday in a water taxi to their luxury hotel in Lagoon City.

Affleck was in Venice for the festival premiere of Ridley Scott’s medieval legend The Last Duel, which also starred his close friend Matt Damon.

Once in a water taxi the couple snuggled up for a while as Affleck put his arm around Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez with Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck turn heads at the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival. (Photo: REUTERS / Yara Nardi)
Photos by Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez Ben arrives with Jennifer for The Last Dual Premiere. (Photo: REUTERS / Yara Nardi)

Affleck and Lopez, the glamorous duo known as “Bennifer”, recently renewed their love after almost 20 years.

They became the most talked about couple in the celebrity world in the early 2000s, with a large 6.1 carat pink diamond engagement ring for his and her luxury cars and Lopez. But they abruptly divorced in 2003 and divorced a few months later.

Lopez was expected to join Affleck on the red carpet of the film festival on Friday evening.


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