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Director – Adam Salkey
Cast – Frieda Pinto, Logan Marshall-Green

The Nifty’s new thriller Intrusion on Netflix comes with extreme intensity twists and turns, struggling to maintain the stunning forward momentum set in its first act. In an hour and a half, it will not exceed its reception, but it will certainly revolve around preventable ways.

Frieda Pinto and Logan Marshall-Green star as a Yuppie couple named Mira and Henry. We were initially told that they had recently moved into a spacious building in central Texas in a clear attempt to escape Boston’s ‘rat race’. But they never told us how they could get such wonderful accommodation. How mysterious.

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One night, the plot comes into motion when their house is smashed while they are on a date. Red flags have become recognizable. Initially, despite spending millions of dollars on a home, Henry neglected to install an alarm system. Curious still, why didn’t Mira ask him.

Rather than a home invasion thriller, Infiltration is actually a relationship drama disguised as Balaclava. The break-in takes place early on, but the impact of the ripples on the couple’s 12-year marriage is also visible on the rest of the film.

Why didn’t Mira ask Henry where their money came from? Why did she guess he was doing so well for her? Infiltration is a long-term relationship and some women automatically raise some relevant questions about their role, but are completely dramatically side-tracked when the missing person is included in the subplot drama.

How daring it would have been if director Adam Salkey had taken a Malcolm & Mary approach to the story; Cornering Mira and Henry when they have to deal with long-hidden secrets. Author Chris Sparling knows one or two things about claustrophobic thrillers; He wrote Big Daddy of All of Us, Buried, which was a wonderful reminder of Ryan Reynolds ’previously daring career (for those looking for one).

Intrusion is not limited to one box, but as buried, it is mostly about a character who is confined to their immediate surroundings. The desert town where Mira finds herself, Reynolds’ character is relatively bigger than a prisoner buried in a coffin, but it’s as oppressive as her marriage.

Frieda Pinto and Logan are still from the Marshall-Green intrusion.
Frieda Pinto and Logan are still from the Marshall-Green intrusion.

Mira does not realize this, but she is completely caught up in a toxic relationship built on guilt and manipulation. Henry regularly reminds her how he helped her get back on her feet after she was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. He would lead her to the bathroom, he told her; He stood next to her when the depression came. And she is forever indebted to his oddness.

Under the b-movie trappings that the film has wholeheartedly embraced, I want to devote more time to it with themes related to the spirit of liberation and survival, unnecessary jump fears and the occasional sideline of Salki. The two actors are certainly skilled enough to be dramatic performers — although this is not the first time Marshall-Green has appeared in a home-limited cookie thriller.

He is not fully recognized here, which upset the expectations of the audience. I don’t remember the last time he acted as a clean-cut guy. But there is still an American psycho aura about him. You can never be sure about Logan Marshall-Green; He’s an almost impossible actor not to look over your shoulder. As a viewer, it’s an attractive place to be, especially in a genre picture.

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But the writing should match the skills of the actors; It must be sober and on its toes; Always one step ahead of the audience. This rarely happens during an intrusion. Chances are you can imagine what was in the corner before the first floorboard creeks. The movie is following you, and there is only time for you to get impatient about waiting until it catches on.

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