How to become a marine biologist in BitLife

Becoming a marine biologist in BitLife is a complicated profession. You will need your character to go through several years of education and make sure your character has the smart skills required to meet these challenges. After going through the necessary education, finding this job can be challenging. This guide covers how to become a marine biologist in BitLife.

How to get a marine biologist job

Your character will need to work on their Smarts skill before worrying about going to college. You can work on it once your character starts reading by going to the Activities tab, choosing the Mind and Body option, and choosing to read a book. You want to read a book once a year, and when they enter school, be sure to select the Study Harder option at least once before they are of age. You’ll want to continue this process until your character graduates from high school.

When you go to college, choose the Biology major and try to enroll in it for college. This will take four years to complete. Your character will constantly want to read books or visit the library, and make sure you select the Study More option in the Education tab, similar to when you were in high school.

Once those four years are up, the next step is for your character to enter graduate school. You do not want to enter a specialized one. Instead, you only want to choose the graduate school option, which will take two years.

Finally, after so many years in school, your character can seek the job of a marine biologist. He’ll be on the Occupation tab under Full-Time Jobs. Unfortunately, the chances of a marine biologist job showing up are random. You will need to wait until it appears to apply for the job. You may want to close the BitLife app and refresh it until the Marine Biologist job appears.

After you apply for the position of marine biologist, the job will be yours as long as you meet all the education requirements.

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