How Johnny Depp Can Get $10 Million From Amber Heard Despite His ‘Financial Crises’

Johnny Depp would still receive $10 million in damages from Amber Heard, even if she continues to claim she can’t pay her ex-husband the large amount.

A lawyer, during his conversation with hollywood lifeweighed Depp’s options to claim the settlement.

Lawyer Raiford Dalton Palmer told the outlet: “Johnny has a judgment saying she owes him. He can collect against his assets and income for decades. But smart people with money know how to protect assets.”

“She could try to use bankruptcy to delay payment, but this is not a panacea,” he added.

the writer of I just want this to be done He continued, “An appeal could stay enforcement of the judgment (his team can obtain an injunction delaying the money judgment until the appeal is complete).”

“In that case, you would be required to post a bond to guarantee the amount of the judgment. But it is not carte blanche to repeat and republish defamatory statements.

“However, this is a calculated risk: in theory, all possible damage has been done and if people believe Depp, no further damage will be suffered,” he added.

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