Home and Away’s Xander Delaney makes a brave decision

at home and away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Logan still faces some serious charges. after the car accident in at home and awaybut will the guilty party step up and take responsibility?

Seeing how depressed Logan is, Jasmine and Xander approach him to see if he’s okay, and he reveals the devastating news that he’s been charged with dangerous driving causing death.

Millie’s friend Jo, who was in the car with Millie at the time, was the victim of the accident, but viewers know that it was actually Millie’s own carelessness that caused the accident that claimed her friend’s life. .

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However, Millie hasn’t been honest about what happened, and police have no idea that she took her eyes off the road to look at her phone when the fatal accident occurred.

a person who I came to know that the truth was Xanderand he and Jasmine are disturbed to learn that Logan is in line to take the fall.

To make matters worse for Logan, he believes himself to be responsible and believes it was his speeding that led to the young man’s death.

Xander decides to try to help, but Millie turns nasty and warns him that he’ll be reported for harassment if he doesn’t leave her alone, and there are many at the Surf Club who pick up on the heated exchange.

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Jasmine urges Xander to go to the police anyway, but will he risk his own reputation to help Logan?

Whatever the result, Logan doesn’t take long in Summer Bay as the character will make a hasty exit off-screen in upcoming scenes after star Harley Bonner departs the role.

And Logan isn’t the only one making a hasty exit like Sam Frost has left his role as Jasmine. Both stars did not shoot again in 2022 after the winter break.

at home and away airs Monday through Friday at 1:15 pm on Channel 5 and at 6 pm on 5STAR. Preview screenings air at 6:30pm on 5STAR and the show also airs on My5.

Select classic episodes are available via Amazon Prime Video in the United Kingdom.

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