Hollywood Rewind | Romeo + Juliet: Creative adaptation starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes

Over the years, there have been numerous adaptations of Bard’s ultimate romantic tragedy. However, only a few of them were able to cover up the emotionally superior aspects of the play – love and loss. The film of the same name was released in 1996 starring Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio and homeland actor Claire Danes. Yes, this is William Shakespeare’s Rome and Juliet I wrote.

Both were then small and relatively unpopular. But the film made them stars and was well received at the box office and from critics. It would be a welcome surprise for this to happen to any movie, but in this case, Romeo and Juliet are done so many times and it is predictable to offer the proverb of old wine in a new bottle. But filmmaker and co-writer Baz Luhrman was able to pull a great idea out of his bag, which matched his asymmetrical style with delicate writing. And here it is! We ourselves are a winner.

In this film, which is a modern take on the famous play, Romeo and Juliet’s families are portrayed as fighting parties that cannot stand each other. The knife is replaced by guns and contains drugs. With the exception of such exceptions, the director kept the essence of the story intact. Romeo, though pining for someone else at the time, focuses on Juliet at a party and the two instantly take each other. The latter may seem like an old school Bollywood spice movie to many, with controversial members in families chasing each other and bloodthirsty. Another thing that Luhrmann could do through the film was that even when Leeds turned to sprout floral dialogues in Old English it seemed to us that there was no space. This is a remarkable feat because the setting is, as mentioned earlier, very urban. There are delivery services, and in contemporary America between the crowded city and the recent mafia families their children fight with each other even though they swear to each other as soul mates until their last breath.

Here’s an interesting thing for Paul Rudd fans: You’ll be glad to know that Marvel Star looks so pretty in the late 90s. Juliet Suterte in Rod Romance.

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Romeo and Juliet is a well-shot film that offers the best characters. Both of them not only looked beautiful but also acted beautifully. Danes was particularly convinced of Juliet in this role, who excelled in her movements and delivery. She is not on the chemistry charts with DiCaprio, as they say. And this is even more surprising in light of the fact that we know through numerous reports that there are differences between the couple. Apparently, Leo and Claire didn’t get along well after the camera turned off, and if any of this is true, it only proves how good they are at their jobs.

You can see Romeo and Juliet on Google Play.


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