Hollywood Rewind | Freaky Friday: Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan light up the screen in this fun film

There are a lot of teenage comedy movies out there, most of them very generic. But once in a while, when the cast and crew come up with a simple script and can turn it into a lot of fun and a little exceptional, when you touch Sweet Spot. An example is Freaky Friday, a 2003 release starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. It exhibited a familiar premise but hit all the right notes – the body switch. We have before and after. Hot Chick and Tom Hanks star in the Big Before category. And since Freaky Friday, there are many ways to continue the count (read Change-up, name a few of the boy girl thing, 13 going on 30, 17 again, the swap). In fact, Freaky Friday is a remake / adaptation of a previous Hollywood film starring Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris in the lead roles.

Jamie Lee’s character Tess is the mother of a single, soon-to-be-married 15-year-old daughter Anna (played by Lohan). After consuming an obligatory Fortune cookie in a restaurant, Anna and Tess wake up each other the next day. Tess had previously had a big altercation with them over the wedding and how Anna was banned from going to one of her music rehearsals on the big day night. So, here we have our main leads, the big conflict, followed by an incredible twist that drives the story forward and pushes it in hilarious, sometimes loud and a little uncomfortable directions at other times. This is great, because we can expect a good feature. To make you laugh, to surprise you and to finally connect with you.

Lohan and Curtis are both credible dramatic performers, but their humorous chops are also worth keeping you engaged throughout. And the great thing about the ‘Body Switch’ movie is that you are pushing the envelope as a performer. Must be doubly convincing to the audience. I mean, for most actors it was once difficult. Although Curtis is an experienced actor, even though she was a veteran at the time she took on the role, Lohan was very young. But the two of them kept up the pace with each other and with the script, which looked amazing in their chemistry. These two ladies created the film, and director Mark Waters knew what to do with the story he had seen and heard before. Making the old look new is not an easy task.

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There are so many cool moments in the movie like Anna getting a new look when her mother is in the body or Jamie’s character hilarious in Anna Crush. The conditions are ready to keep the comedy alive and well throughout the film. In this case, however, the story device of body switching is a gift, and Mark has proven that even themed themes can be used effectively to enhance your storyline.

You can watch Freaky Friday on Disney Plus Hotstar.


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