Guillermo del Toro’s Dark Fantasy Fable Pans Labyrinth Why Not Your Distinctive Fairy Tale Movie

Mexican film director Guillermo del Toro Saturday 57 years old. The Oscar-winning author has distinctive features that make his films unique and interesting. Although he has been praised for everything he has done so far, it’s his best film of 2006’s visually dazzling, bizarre, bizarre (but glamorous) dark fantasy fable Pons Labyrinth.

Here’s why.

Pan’s Labyrinth is often called a fairy tale for adults and in fact it is the same. It has all the fairy tale features and is also known as Alice in Wonderland for adults. It tells the story of the immortal princess Movanna of the Underworld, who visits the human world above, but disappears into the sunlight, forgetting who she is and becoming mortal.

Her father, the King of the Underworld, believes she will one day return, so he builds a network of ways to act as a portal to his empire and allow her to return to her.

Cut to the real world. Ophelia, a ten-year-old girl living in Spain in 1944, is now known as Francoist Spain because she was ruled by fascist dictator Francisco Franco. She goes with her pregnant mother to her stepfather Captain Vidal’s place.

Ivana Bakero, Pan Labyrinth Ivana Bakero as Ophelia in Pan’s Labyrinth. (Photo: Warner Bros.)

There, like a rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, she finds a stick worm that leads her to a labyrinthine path. Inside, she meets a landlord, who says she is an underworld princess and must complete three tasks if she wants to regain her immortality and return to her kingdom. She is eager to escape from the real world, which is not accepted by men like Captain Vidal, who hunts down the remains of rebels for sport.

It is clear from his filmography that Del Toro sees demons differently than we do: fear and hatred. He sees them and the stories in which they live as expressions of our inner demons, created by us to understand the inexplicable. His films mirror society and ask: Who are real monsters, strange creatures or humans?

But the precise crystallization of his themes is the labyrinth of the pan. He used fantastic elements in the film to indicate how we use fantasies to escape from reality. His monsters are weird, weird but beautiful – in a way. They are neither bad nor good. They are indifferent to nature and humanity.

The paintings in Pans Labyrinth were excellent, no doubt with the help of cinematographer Guillermo Navarro, whose name earned him an Oscar. The real world is also given an attractive, otherworldly touch.

Although it’s a fairy tale, it does not have the repulsive elements of our world like Disney’s fairy tales. The fairy tale movie style instantly evokes the name House of Mouse, but Del Toro has created some of the best, most meaningful and catchy fairy tale films.


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