Free Guy Review: The Ryan Reynolds movie is so much more than a gaming movie

Free Guy Movie Director: Shawn Levy
Free Guy Movie Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Jodi Kamer, Joe Kiri, Taika Waititi, Utkarsh Ambudkar
Free Guy Movie Rating: 3.5 stars

It could just be a movie about a video game that shoots, blows, runs or hits people every second. Well, that’s it. However, thanks to its star cast and Reynolds’ incredible comfort and ability to laugh at one or two at his expense, the free guy is even more so.

Shawn Levy (Stranger Things) also keeps the film clear and rolling for those whose keyboard fingers are not itchy. The number of outsiders and their avatars in the video game are so closely intertwined that talking about code-writing and ‘game-build’ and stolen rights and the battery of neon hints on screen means that it is not an average success. Too long, not to mention specifically about the action that takes place around them.

Guy (Ryan Reynolds) is a bank teller in Free City, day by day, happily doing the same thing – getting out of bed, wishing his goldfish good morning, tagging his blue shirt and khakis, having his cereal and coffee and Getting to work. At exactly the same time, at least five times a day, thieves come to rob his bank. In the queue, the guy and his friend call Buddy and let the thieves do their job.

Everything could be perfect with Guy’s world – except for the strange way of describing tastes like admiring his coffee “lost my virginity but in my mouth”; Or his ice cream “my tongue has a baby at sunrise” —not a thing. He is looking for the love of his dream girl. When he finds her, as Maria Carrie hums the track, he falls for her – and for Guy, the girl Millie and Free City have nothing again. Only then does Guy realize that there is no other algorithm (or non-distributable non-playing character) inside a video game.

Can people be satisfied with leading their lives in pre-existing roles? Didn’t everyone get the right to live the way they wanted? What if all of us, the Plebians, decide to go on strike? Can the world continue? Still, video games‌ should only be about one thing – shooting?

These are the thoughts thrown by the free guy. While the film is not really aimed at changing anything, it is a unique way to talk about them. In addition, it does not allow the weight of these things to be pulled down, skipping over them easily.

Channing Tatum drops into a completely hilarious guest role; Millie, the video game creator in Hot Molotov Girl in Track Bottoms and Comer (Killing Eve) in leather pants, shares some lovely romantic scenes with Reynolds. And Kirry (Stranger Things) won the hearts of Millie, Keys’ quiet but courageous former creative partner.
Although he is the villain of the movie (and it’s a good touch), the waitress (Jojo Rabbit) slows down in the second half. The film manages to do some editing to prevent drag-out-of-the-city-destruction.

But if that ending is just as painless as the fake world, Reynolds Guy makes you wish it weren’t.


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