Eternals deleted scene reveals how Sprite helped humans climb the food chain

Deleted scene from Marvel Studios Eternals Reveals a hitherto unseen conversation between Dane Whitman (Kit Harrington) and Sprite (Leah McHugh). Marvel has released the scene online to promote digital and physical media releases directed by Chloe Zhao. It will also accompany the new releases of the film.

Whitman, the mortal, only knows Sprite as an orphan, being cared for by her aunt Cersei (Gemma Chan). Sprite, however, does not take much care to keep it a secret and speaks openly about how the fossil in front of her has been distorted.

Whitman, however, disagreed, saying it was Smilodon (Saber-Tooth Tiger). The conversation goes to the statue of Thena, which Whitman emphasizes is actually called Athena.

Sprite Dane begins to tell us why humans rule the world and are at the top of the food chain because they can cause illusions or imagine things that do not exist. “The gods. Countries. Money, ”she explains.

As he is with Cersei, Dane assures her that her sprite’s life is gone, and a fake skeleton shakes, indicating that the deviations have resurfaced.

It’s a pretty short scene that doesn’t make it to the final cut, as well. It works side by side because it adds details to the Whitman character and story. But in the final cut it was not understood. We sadly could not see Harrington’s character in the movie, but a future MCU project should fix it.

Eternals, which also stars Richard Madden, Cummins Nanjiani, Brian Tyre Henry, Lauren Ridgeoff, Barry Keogan, Dan Lee, Harish Patel, Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie, has a dubious reputation as the worst reviewed MCU film.

It has a rating of 47% on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus is that “an ambitious superhero epic, it grows more and more difficult, taking the Eternal MCU intriguing and occasionally confusing – in new directions.”


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