Elvis tops Australian box office in opening weekend

Baard said follow-up surveys of just over 400 patrons leaving Australian cinemas showed 91 per cent rated Elvis either “excellent” or “very good”. That coincided with the result of the musical success of 2018. A star has been born, with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

Fifty-six percent of the film’s weekend audience were women, and despite expectations that the film would largely appeal to older viewers who are fans of Presley’s music, 50 percent was under 44 years old.

beard said Elvis took nearly as much into the weekend as the biggest musical biopic in recent years, Bohemian Rhapsodywhich opened to $6.8 million before earning $55.4 million in total.

While that total is considered unrealistic, Elvis could easily pass Luhrmann’s gatsby ($27.4 million) and Red windmill! ($27.8 million).

His biggest success in this country is the romantic epic Australia ($37.6 million), which is the second most successful Australian film behind crocodile dundee.

According to the American entertainment website Term, Elvis got off to a spectacular start with a $50.5 million debut worldwide.


“It shows that these adult-biased movies can still open on the big screen with very good numbers,” box office editor. Anthony D’Alessandro wrote. “Anything that isn’t blockbuster doesn’t have to be sent to broadcast.”

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