Eddie Redmine’s Newt Scamander: A Study on Sensitive Masculinity

They are muscular, highly attractive, and can quickly become angry and violent. Of course, there are exceptions, but very often, that’s what we see in popular franchises. Reminiscent of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Henry Cavill’s Superman.

Chris Evans’ Captain America is an exception, but he has a lot of jack-up physique to replace Hollywood’s celebrity.

We are so accustomed to the image of our action heroes and superheroes prevalent even in movies and TV shows that we do not even question it. It’s a natural description of men, like all other pop culture in Hollywood, that makes us think. They may have an internal contradiction but basically masculinity, the most unrealistic representation of real men.

A major exception to those depictions is Eddie Redmine’s Newt Scamander. The protagonist of the Fantastic Beasts franchise that is part of Wizarding World, Newt scammer Harry Potter has been cited in books and movies as a legendary expert on rare wonder creatures such as the Niftlers, Murtlaps, Ocamis, Thunderbirds and Boutracles.

But in the prequel franchise that explores the fight against the dark lord that preceded Voldemort: Gellert Grindelwald, he’s the hero, and despite the second movie quality, we’re the best at it.

True to his modern-day reputation (in the Wizarding World), Newt truly loves magical creatures. He was shy, modest, and gentle. Even a little surrendered. The most exemplary scenes for these features are when he is with the creatures that live in his unusual room briefcase.


For example, in the first Fantastic Beasts film, he and his no-maze friend Jacob Kowalski, played by Dan Fogler, explore the world inside the briefcase. While looking at the creatures, Newt Okami sees a huge nest filled with children. Demonstrating the long-suffering nanny nature, he said, “Okay, I’m coming. Mom is here. “

We have become accustomed to angry men in our daily entertainment. Almost every movie or show has at least one. Newt loses his coolness only when his creatures are extinct, and it is also a kind of humble anger that he feels emotionally ashamed and that it is inappropriate for him. The traits that Newt possesses are generally considered feminine – attention, sensitivity and obedience.

In the general sense they are not considered ‘heroic’ traits and yet, Newt is more of a hero than most movie protagonists. He may not be as interested in saving the world as Harry Potter – despite Grindelwald’s threat, he wants to be alone with his creatures – he sacrifices his life for his friends and loved ones and is in fact a very capable wizard. Above all, he despises power and fame. All of this is cleverly told by comparing Newton to his brother Theos.

Now, though, Thiss is a wholeheartedly good man, a powerful, popular wizard who embraces the power and glory of the Harry Potter stand-in. This is not a bad thing and Potter is clearly one of the most complex and interesting leading characters in popular fantasy. We were forced to follow his struggles with sudden fame and the predicted pressure to end Voldemort. However, he is not a very different character from the other fantasy heroes, who, with heavy responsibility and fighting, control their destiny.

But only because the young Albus Dumbledore encouraged and witnessed the death of Leta Lestrange (Joe Kravitz), the young man who loved his life as a sacrifice to save others from Grindelwald, that Newt relinquished power and adheres to the fact that he is Grindelwald. Danger to the whole world – wizards or magicians. He is in this battle between a community of witches.

The Newt character of Redmine is no exception. He was repeatedly attracted to similar characters. He may be looking at the comparison between them and himself and because of that, he is the best of them all.


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