Each DCEU image is rated as the best from the worst

Of James Gunn Suicide Squad Released in India this month. A smooth reboot of the original Suicide Squad of 2016, which received an overwhelming response from critics. However, the film has so far not shown any signs of critical acclaim as translated as actual returns.

DCEU continues to struggle, especially compared to the MCU. Suicide Squad is a great comic-book movie, and a step in the right direction. The box office did not catch on easily.

How does it get into the rankings of all DCEU movies? Find out here.

10. Suicide Squad (2016)

The film manages to entertain as well as inform – whether it’s going to go into total madness or take itself too seriously. Despite some great personal performances, the different elements in the film do not gel to create a coherent sum.

9. Batman v Superman (2016)

There are two most ambitious superheroes in this movie — Batman and Superman — who are engaged in an interview and overcoming it is still a task. That’s Jack Snyder for you. Putting Judd Batman on an angry Superman who is a distant, god-like person is a welcome change. Image philosophy feels like the authors read to brush up on concepts such as Frederick Neat for dummies nihilism and the relationship between humans and God. The infamous Martha moment may have attracted the most attention of all in the film.

8. Justice League (2017)

The Justice League, despite its shortcomings, has made people more optimistic about where DCEU will go. Of course, this movie gets a lot of things wrong – the villain is no more common and the CGI is just as bad. It appeared to be the result of conflicting views between the two filmmakers (Jack Snyder left the project before post-production due to a family tragedy) and Jas Vedon stepped into the field.

7. Aquaman (2018)

This James Vaughan film is a very beautiful looking entry in DCEU. It is also one of the best superhero movies. It’s in almost every genre, because the film has a storyline throughout and the characters are not sufficiently developed with one or two exceptions. However it is still a great time for movies due to the entertaining stunning visuals and exciting action.

6. Jack Snyder Justice League

If you are burned by the Justice League, Jack Snyder Justice League is a must watch movie for you. It was a dream come true for a comic book fan. – Absolutely epic in scale with visuals and sound effects. Despite Snyder’s delight, its visuals, glory, and scale are a valuable Justice League story. As a $ 300 million dramatization of the Super Friends cartoon? There are worse ways to spend time.

5. Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

As Anatoly Diatlov said in Chernobyl with Patty Jenkins’ second Wonder Woman movie, not great, not terrible. It has some dubious decisions (for example the way Steve Trevor was brought back), and Kristen Wigg’s Leopard is a villain. But Pedro Pascal excelled as Maxwell Lord, and the film took Diana to a weaker place than she had ever been before.

4. Man of Steel (2013)

We think Man of Steel is an overall great film with a confusing, impactful climax. But maybe it will be inevitable. I am not fascinated by CGI, but when the Kryptonians fought, I understood that an unprecedented level of destruction was taking place. We have never seen Superman use his full powers in live-action. And it’s a scene to behold – until it finally becomes too much. The next film on this list serves as an antidote to the additions of Man of Steel.

3. Suicide Squad (2021)

Suicide Squad makes excellent use of its stellar cast. It is completely full of mad joy, gore, black humor, deep characters and a lot of surprises.

2. Shazam! (2019)

This David F. Sandberg is by far the most prestigious DC film. It does not deal with big ideas like Man vs. God Conflict (Batman v Superman), or War on Terror (The Dark Knight). No, it just wants to tell a story, a super-fun and lovely sweet story. If you’re tired of most mainstream superhero movies this is a mouth cleaner for you. It’s also great to watch a superhero film that doesn’t sink into CGI.

1. Wonder Woman (2017)

On paper, Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot, tells the story of a classic superhero origin. But it was a stern, honest source and did justice on the big screen on her first outing to the world’s most popular female superhero. What the Veteran in Patty Jenkins Comic-Book Movies (Snyder) Could Not Do: Tell the Intense, Inspirational and Loving Story of an Inspiring Heroine. The No Man’s Land scene in the film, in my opinion, has not yet been improved by any superhero movie from the Cinematic Universe era.


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