The future of the Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is uncertain and we do not even know that superheroes are a unit because Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are not around.

However, this is the official summary of the upcoming MCU movie Dr. Strange in Multiverse of Madness Benedict Cumberbatch’s superhero named Dr. Strange suggested he could play a more “central” role in the Avengers.

Summary Courtesy of Marvel Studios’ Japanese Site and translated by In addition to describing the premise of the film, the summary also calls Dr. Strange “the strongest magician of all.”

It begins by saying, “The door to mystery and madness is open. Now the Avengers: Iron Man and Captain America are gone after the fierce battle in the Endgame, the former genius surgeon and the strongest magician of all, Dr. Strange, is expected to play an active role as the protagonist in the Avengers.

The gist goes on to say, “Now Iron Man and Captain America have left after a fierce battle in the Avengers: Endgame, the former genius surgeon and the strongest magician of all, Dr. Strange, is expected to play an active role as the protagonist. Avengers. However, using his magic to change time and space at will with a forbidden spell that is considered the most dangerous has opened the door to a mysterious madness called “multiverse”. To restore a world where everything is changing, Strange enlists the help of his friend Wang, Sorcerer Supreme and the Avengers’ most powerful Scarlet Witch, Wanda. But a terrible threat is looming over humanity and the entire universe, which is not possible only with their power. Even more surprising is that the biggest threat in the universe looks like Dr. Strange … Sam Raimi, the director who expresses a unique worldview, captures the whole world with an overwhelming level and unprecedented visual experience that can transcend time and space! ”

Dr. Strange in the Multiverses of Madness’ trailer has just been released and it looks like a blast. Spider-Man: It starts directly after the No Way home events. Sorcerer Supreme mistakenly opened Multiverse while performing a ritual at the behest of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Spidey wanted everyone in the universe to forget his true identity. However, due to Peter Parker’s intervention, the spell is incorrect and Multiverse of Madness appears to be the address to that fall.

The sequel to 2016’s Dr. Strange brings back Benedict Cumberbatch’s nominal role in Dr. Strange in the Multiverses of Madness. Although Scott Derrickson has signed on to return as director from the original film, he has creative differences with Marvel and hires Sam Raimi, the man behind the Uber-successful Spider-Man trio (starring Tobe Maguire).


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