Do you know Stan Lee reimagines DC’s trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman

Stan Lee Today it was 99. True Believer: The Rise and Fall of Stan Lee Although his legacy has become questionable through the recent biography of American journalist Abraham Reeseman, he remains an icon to millions around the world.

Whatever your opinion of him, we can say for sure that he left an indelible mark on the industry by co-creating some of the most popular characters in pop culture. At least, and even his harsh critics would agree, he was a great marketer and did much to popularize the previously discarded art form.

It can be argued that Jack Kirby’s influence on comic-book characters is great, but there is no denying that Lee’s contribution is enormous. While many are familiar with his famous co-creation as Spider-Man, Hulk and Fantastic Four, not much is known about his work on Marvel’s main rival DC Comics. There has been a tremendous relationship between DC and Marvel from the very beginning, which has now extended to the cinematic universes. But Lee was one of the few comic-book creatives who loved both sides.

In 2001, Stan Lee and DC teamed up for a comic book, Just Imagine …, which re-imagined the great heroes of the unique competition that the company loves to call.

Here is Stan Lee’s version of the Trinity of DC:

1. Batman

Imagine Stan Lee, Stan Lee Batman, Batman Stan Lee’s Batman real name is Wayne Williams. (Photo: DC Comics)

Not Bruce Wayne, Lee’s Batman was known as Wayne Williams (continuing the wonderful comic-book tradition of altruistic names). This Cape Crusader also has no super powers and has the same maximum physical condition and is very wealthy. His money allowed him to invest in ultra high-tech equipment, including night vision lenses, Kevlar clothing, sound enhancement sensors and a wingsuit / hang glider hybrid cap for gliding.

However, Wayne Williams differs from Bruce Wayne in his original story and race. This Batman is not white, he is African-American. His father was a policeman who died on duty. The son was framed and imprisoned. He takes revenge on a gangster. In prison, he meets a scientist named Frederick Grant, who teaches him skills to use later. When Wayne is out, he becomes a wrestler nicknamed Batman. He hides his identity and does not show his face.

He will soon rise in the ranks to become a big name, gaining a surprising amount of wealth for his hardships. He and Grant teamed up to keep Batman’s identity a secret. Public Story Grant is the Rich Man and Wayne is his bodyguard. After taking revenge on Frederick, Batman becomes a crime-warrior and defender of the city.

2. Superman

Stan Lee Superman, Stan Lee, Superman Stan Lee’s Superman was known as Salden. (Photo: DC Comics)

The original Clark Kent, originally named Col-El, is a soldier in the hands of Stan Lee, a superhero like the Kryptonian god. Just imagine … Also, Salden is a Kryptonian and actually a minor cop at that planet. He catches the criminal who sent him and Salden to Earth. Both discover that they have special abilities on the planet. When the criminal becomes the ruler of a wild tribe, Salden discovers that this primitive blue-green planet is mired in poverty and war and will not develop until these and other ailments are eliminated. Salden takes over the mantle of Superman and becomes the savior of the planet.

3. Wonder Woman

Stan Lee's Wonder Woman, Stan Lee, Wonder Woman Here’s what Stan Lee’s Wonder Woman looks like. (Photo: DC Comics)

Far from the Themiskira princess we know, Lee’s Wonder Woman is called Maria Mendoza. She was only a mortal, an activist protesting corporate excavations at an ancient yet sacred site near her village. The CEO of the company behind the excavation, Armando Gitez, wants to take power from the site and take over the world. When Maria’s father is kidnapped by the CEO and taken to the excavation, Maria arrives too late to prevent her father’s death.

Gaithez derives demonic powers from the artifacts on the site. Maria finds Manco Kapak’s crew, who still grants her the powers of the Sun God and uses them to chase Gait‌s and defeat him. After that she got the name Wonder Woman.


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