Details of Netflix’s first series “Horizon”

Horizon Forbidden West release adjusted
Sony interactive ent.

The first details have emerged for Netflix’s television series adaptation of Sony PlayStation’s acclaimed “Horizon” franchise following the reveal of the show’s existence during an earnings call last month.

as found by Jeff Grubb of Giant Bomba page has been seen for the program in the Directors Guild of Canada Ontario website and indicates that the series will have the working title “Horizon 2074” and will likely be shot in Toronto due to tax incentives.

The list reveals some of the early crew members on the show, including art director Michele Brady (“The Expanse,” “Locke & Key”) and production designer Mark Steel (“The Umbrella Academy,” “Star Trek”). : Discovery”). The other lists feature a lot of talent from shows like “The Boys” and “What We Do in the Shadows.”

Grubb has stated that the series would have two timelines: one close to or parallel to the “Horizon: Zero Dawn” and “Horizon: Forbidden West” games which are set in the early 31st century, and another well before them.

That would match the title being several years after the events seen in the holograms throughout the games taking place in the 2060s with the unleashing of the Lighthouse Plague, the release of Far Zenith, and the development of Project ZeroDawn.

Sadly, the list doesn’t include any potential production schedule or details about the producers or cast.

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