Dave Boutista checks Daniel Craig’s nose on Specter: ‘He did not run away!’ | Hollywood

Actually checked by James Bond star Daniel Craig Dave Bautista, he recalls being injured while filming a fight scene for Specter. Daniel Craig said in a recent interview that he accidentally broke Dave Batista’s nose during filming, while the former wrestler gave a different account of what happened.

Going on Twitter and responding to a news article about Craig’s comments, he wrote, “He didn’t run !!! He said ‘F ** k I broke his nose !!’ And he did. And then he hugged me, apologized, we laughed, I changed clothes, I pushed TP up my nose and we stood out as one of the best fight scenes ever. Very pleased with it. And I love some DC. “

When Graham appeared on the Norton show recently, Craig recalled injuries to himself and Bautista while working on Specter. He said, “We’ll do this scene, the fight scene on the train in Specter. We’ve learned this for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks and we’ll spend a week shooting it. And Dave was so great with me, and he’s a big, big guy. As an adult I forgot.He’s been throwing me against this wall, and he’s so sensitive.So he should act, because it’s pretending.And I just said, ‘Dave, Dave, buddy, that’s fine. You can make me laugh a little, that’s fine’. So he I ended up on the wall, but my knee was here (points in the opposite direction).

Craig said he knew instantly that he had seriously injured himself. He said he had to re-film the scene with him and that it was a ‘fight’. “But I broke his nose. I did not do it on purpose; apparently, it’s a mistake. Like I said, he’s a big man, a professional wrestler. You really do not bother with him. “Oh God, I went and ran away. I thought he would come after me. And he was so sweet,” he added.

Bautista also shared a selfie taken moments after the incident and said, “I dug it. I took it after I cleaned up. “

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Specter is Craig’s fourth film as a British spy. He last appeared as a band on No Time to Die this week. He made his Agent 007 debut with Casino Royale in 2006 and played Bond in Quantum of Solace and Skyfall. He reunites with Bautista in Knights Out 2.


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