Daniel Craig has no time to think about the next James Bond: ‘Not my problem’ Hollywood

With Daniel Craig last coming into the movies this weekend as James Bond in No Time to Die, fans are eager to know who will take him as the next 007 agent. While names like Idris Elba, Reggie-Jean Page and Richard Madden are favorites for some fans, Daniel doesn’t care who steps into his shoes.

The actor, who walked the red carpet during the No Time to Die premiere on Wednesday night, was asked a number of questions from the local press. One of them added his preference to his successor in the Bond franchise.

Today’s show reporter Daniel was asked on the red carpet if he’s been saddened by the last time he walked the red carpet under the James Bond name. Before the actor could quickly see the red carpet, he said, “Sure, yes,” and “I don’t know how much I miss it. Probably. Let’s see. I will think about it tomorrow. ”

Daniel was then asked if he would pull Sean Connery, and later mentioned about repeating the role in life. The British actor immediately asked bluntly “No, not sure”. Next James Bond was asked if there was ‘any priority’ and his response was “not my problem.”

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There was talk that the next James Bond might be a woman. However, Daniel suggested that instead of giving a woman the armor of James Bond, she should write better characters for them in the franchise.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Daniel said, “Only women and actors of color should have better episodes.” He asked, “Why should a woman play James Bond when she has a good part like James Bond?”

Despite having to see who would take charge, Daniel admitted that he felt ‘bitter’ when he learned of his replacement. “It’s very emotional,” said Daniel, who appeared on the Graham Norton show. I was happy to finish it with my own terms. I thank the producers for allowing me to do so. But I definitely miss it. I get very bitter when a new person takes over. ”


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