Daniel Craig details the mistakes made in Quantum of Solace, working without a script; ‘we were screwed,’ says producer | Hollywood

James Bond star Daniel Craig and his producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson discussed what went wrong behind the scenes in Quantum of Solace, the actor’s second film as Agent 007. Daniel Craig will appear as Bond for the fifth and final time in No Time to Die, due out next month.

Before the film’s release, a documentary titled Being James Bond was released. In the movie, the actor talked about how they started filming Quantum of Solace without a script. He said he would try to “ screw things up ” with director Marc Forster on set, but since he wasn’t a writer, he went into stunts more aggressively. In hindsight, he said, it was “a serious mistake” because he was seriously injured.

He also admitted to being ‘overwhelmed’ by fame after his first Bond film, the success of Casino Royale, and having his ‘world turned upside down’. “I can honestly say that I was in some kind of cloudy cuckoo land,” he said.

“We had a writers’ strike. We had a script; It wasn’t finished, but it was almost finished. The movie works. It’s not Casino Royale, and that was always going to be … It was like, literally, the worrying second album syndrome. In a way, we couldn’t beat Casino … Easy to say. Of course, we wanted to headline Casino Royale, but, you know… ”added the actor.

Barbara Broccoli said: “Basically we started filming without a script, which is never a good idea … We were a little screwed up, and we all had to get confused and try to make the story work, and it really wasn’t working that well. Great. But I look back at the movie, and you know, it’s still a good movie. “

Daniel Craig continued: “There are some really special moments in that movie, very special. I don’t know if the film sticks as well as it should, but that was just because the story wasn’t solid. ”

Michael G Wilson said: “We just didn’t get the Bond journey right, which was the key. He didn’t fully focus on his journey, and sometimes we get too caught up in the plot instead of sticking to the story, which is a problem for these kinds of movies. “

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In addition to Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, Daniel Craig has played Bond in Skyfall and Specter. No Time to Die, directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, will conclude his tenure as the iconic British spy.


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