Comedy, Action, Romance, Gaming – Ryan Reynolds starrer Free Guy

Ryan Reynolds defies new movie Free Guy classification.

“It’s an action, comedy, adventure movie. Its inspiration is ‘Back to the Future’ and movies like that,” Reynolds said.

The film is set in a video game world, but Reynolds says it will not become a video game movie. “We’re smuggling a lot of other themes into that campus,” he said.

Opening in US theaters on Friday, Free Guy is the story of Bank Teller (Reynolds), who discovers that he is an unnamed background player in a hyper-realistic video game. He decides to crack his own path in the moving story between the real world and the virtual world.

In a business dominated by sequels, spin-offs and franchises, Free Guy stands out, says Ryan Reynolds.

“It has become a very rare unicorn in this industry, where you can’t make a film based on anything other than the original idea,” said the actor, who is also the producer on the film.

The film also stars Killing Eve star Jodie Comer, dinosaurs, gun-toting rabbit, crashing helicopters and guest characters Channing Tatum, the late Geopardy host Alex Trebeck and popular gaming YouTubers.

Professional gamer Ninja, who has nearly 24 million subscribers to his live streams, finds it uncomfortable to see himself on the big screen.

“I do not want to be seen on camera, I’ll always be on camera because it’s funny, so it’s a little weird,” said Richard Tyler Blewins real name Ninja.


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