Chris Nath’s guest appearance and Just Like That conclusion amid allegations of sexual harassment

Actor HBO withdraws from HBO Max series following allegations of sexual harassment by several women against Chris Nath And Just Like That.

A source confirmed to Deadline that Nath’s surprise appearance on the February 3 episode has been canceled.

His character Mr. Big was killed in the December 9 spin-off follow-up premiere of Sex and the City.

Chris Nath is set to return in a flashback scene set in Paris. Big wife Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, kept his ashes in her Brownstone room until he found where he wanted to be.

In photographs of paparazzi photographed in Paris, Carrie is seen emptying what appears to be ashes out of her Eiffel Tower purse and into the Seine River.

HBO Max declined to comment.

Chris Noth denied the allegations, saying the allegations were completely false and that the encounters were unanimous, having previously been removed from The Equalizer’s CBS reboot. He was also dumped by the A3 Artists Agency amid allegations.


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