Cate Blanchett is the title of Pedro Almodovar’s first English-language film

Hollywood star Cate Blanchett will feature the critically acclaimed Spanish director Pedro Almodovar’s first English-language film.

A Manual for Cleaning Woman is an adaptation of Lucia Berlin’s collection of short stories of the same name, containing 43 stories about women in various demanding jobs.

According to Deadline, Blanchett Productions’ banner production for New Republic Pictures in association with El Desio is in the early stages of production on Dirty Films.

Other producers for the film are Andrew Upton and Coco Frances, as well as Brian Oliver and Bradley Fisher with Almodover.

The 72-year-old Spanish director is best known for his critically acclaimed films such as Talk to Her and Tie Me Up. Tie me up! And Parallel Mothers, who previously directed the 2020 English language short film The Human Voice starring Tilda Swinton.

Blanchett has recently been busy with several projects, including Adam McKay Do not look up And Nightmare Alley, directed by Guillermo del Toro.

She next appeared in Todd Field’s “TAR”, Del Toro and Mark Gustafson’s “Pinocchio” and Eli Roth’s “Borderland”.


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