Carolina Santos shares never-before-seen video of her boyfriend Daniel Holmes

married at first sight controversial couple Carolina Santos Y Daniel Holmes he definitely ruffled some feathers with their relationship during his time on the show.

But it seems that they knew they had a reason to continue their relationship from the beginning.

Carolina shared a never-before-seen video that boyfriend Daniel sent to his friends after the first time they met.

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the MAFS girlfriend posted the video on Instagram after fans asked to see it.

“A week ago I mentioned on my story that @_danielholmes_ made a video about me and sent it to his friends after we met. 95% of people said share it and I really like it so I’m going to put it on “. on my wall,” he wrote next to the video.

MAFS 2022, Daniel Holmes, Carolina Santos
Instagram of Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos (Instagram/@_danielholmes_)

In the video, Daniel speaks into the camera and tells his friends about “two other intruders.”

“One of the girls is literally exactly the person I asked for when I signed up, like that’s crazy,” he gushed about his now-girlfriend.

Daniel then talked about his feelings from the first night they met.

MAFS 2022, Daniel Holmes
Daniel opens up about how he feels about Carolina. (Instagram/@carolinaschmidt)

“We had a little chat over dinner and you could tell there was something between us right away,” he said.

“I would really only talk to this girl once, but I could tell there was something between us.”

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Check out everything he said, including how he managed to get Carolina’s phone number in the video at the beginning of this article.

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Carolina and Daniel’s love story was not typical.

Carolina was originally associated with Dion Giannarelli and Daniel was paired with Jessica Saracino.

After sparks flew at dinner, they couldn’t ignore the chemistry between them. They met for several secret meetings before break into a Commitment Ceremony to ask the experts if they could re-enter the experiment as a new couple.

“The strange thing about attraction is that it’s not a choice, and there was something that I felt she had on my side, and I also felt that she felt it too.” Daniel previously told 9Enterainment.

“I just took my chance. I just thought, you know what, why not? Why not just before I got back to Brisbane, see if what I felt was real and then ask her out for a chat?”

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While many people disapproved of Daniela and Carolina’s relationship, the comments section of Carolina’s post was filled with nothing but support.

“Can’t argue with love at the end of the day,” one follower wrote.

“I always thought you two were a great couple from the start,” another commented.

The couple has remained rock solid ever since. MAFS and even moved to Sydney together.

Daniel led to instagram to share the strength of his relationship with Carolina.

“I’ve been through a lot with this girl,” he wrote.

“It takes something really special to top what comes out of a reality TV show. It only made us stronger!”

“We’re still going strong! Look how far we’ve come, baby!” Caroline commented.

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