Camila Cabello on boyfriend Shawn Mendis: ‘Very sweet and tender’

Singer Camila Cabello, everything is ready with her Big release Cinderella, Opened up about her relationship with boyfriend Singer Shawn Mendis. In a recent interview, she built her relationship on ‘sweetness and tenderness’ and shared her luck in having a “nurturing partner” like him.

“I probably have a breeding attitude because I like breeding too. My partner is also lucky to be the same. There is so much sweetness and tenderness,” Cabello was quoted as saying by that the songwriter was also very sensitive to the couple, and She feels lucky to be surrounded by tenderness, “This is really important to me.”

According to Camila, she and Shawn maintain each other and are always on hand to help each other through tough patches with their mental health. Mendis also helped her overcome his anxiety and maintain his physique.

“(Dong) tells me, ‘Dong, do I have these kinds of thoughts or anything?’ I think talking about it is a really big step in changing that relationship with his body. I definitely feel obsessive, (like) I should go to the gym, I do I have to lose weight fast. It seemed to me that it was the social tone in your head, ”the singer-actor was quoted as saying.

Speaking to Bustle Magazine, Camila also mentioned her own struggle with body image and how she addressed her critics in a recent TicTac video..

“I felt really free when I posted. After that, I went to the airport and a lot of women were coming up to me, ‘I saw that tickout and it resonated a lot with me.’ I feel like my body insecurity has diminished since I posted, ‘I control the article now, no matter what pictures come up or what people say,’ she says.


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