Bus Tariq on New Blade Movie: We Can’t Deny What Wesley Snips Did

Director Bassam Tariq, who is set to fix the Marvel Studios movie adaptation of the popular Comic Blade, said his take on the role is a tribute to the actor Wesley Snips film trio.

Oscar winner Maharshala Ali is going to play the title vampire hunter In the new film, he took over from Snips, who starred in the 1998 hit and its two sequels.

The film is being scripted by playwright Stacy Osey-Kufor, produced by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.

In a recent interview with IndiWire, Tariq promised to honor the contribution that Snips has made to his version of the superhero genre.

“What’s interesting about the film we’re doing (there) is not a canon for” Blade “, because we’ve been reading through comics and everything,” said director Mogul Mowgli, who is best known for the film starring Riz Ahmed.

“It’s an established thing that he’s a Devaker, and you know we can not deny what Wesley Snips did. He basically got this whole ball rolling. A black man created the superhero world we have, it’s only true,” he added.

Created by author Marv Wolfman, Blade first appeared in a supporting role in the 1973 comic book “The Tomb of Dracula # 10”.

He is a vampire hunter β€” half death, half immortality β€” he tries to free the world from vampires as a way to avenge his mother, who is killed by the vampire who gave birth to him.

Tariq said, β€œI am very excited to be working with Ali and Ose-Kufor on a much-anticipated film.

“Now that I’ve worked with a talented and juggler like Maharshala Ali and author Stacy Osey-Kufor, I really – really have the honor of working with black juggernauts and black talent. I’ll be with them in this room and listen and learn as I build it, Respect, ”he added.


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