Bob Sagate and TV’s Best Daddy Legacy, Danny Tanner and ‘Future’ Ted Mosby

There was an episode in Full House where Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) drove her car into the kitchen and in fear she fled to her aunt Becky (Lori Laughlin) home. Meanwhile, others – Uncle Jesse (John Stamos), DJ (Candus Cameron) and Kimmy (Andrea Barber) – wonder how to say it. Danny (Bob Sagate) The truth about his damaged kitchen.

Pretending to surprise him, the children led Danny into the kitchen. He exclaimed thrillingly, “Oh, you know how I like surprises!” He enters and sees the broken kitchen. I still remember these ridiculous shocks and panics, as well as how he immediately checked them out to see if his daughters were okay before he was tormented by his exceptionally flawless kitchen condition.

Methodist, disciplined and organized Danny Tanner has many reasons to be an iconic and relative TV father – at times terribly annoyed, overly protective of his daughters, maniac to keep the house clean, yet unconditionally a father who loves his children. Messy, flawed, depressed but with a soft heart – very human. The full house episode with cheesy music ended with ‘A Discussion’ with Danny Tanner to indicate the importance of a new life lesson for children. You don’t have to learn anything from it, but you still want to know what Danny Tanner has to say. Bob Sagate gave Danny his own brand of personality and humor – he could say the most ridiculous things with a deadpan expression. That joke worked just fine for the family sitcom. Although the show tried to edge him in that direction, he never exaggerated or talked too much as a joke.

When Bob Sagett took to the stage in the sky, he took some part of his childhood with him. Bob Sagate has perpetuated many roles in his lifetime, but his presence as Danny Tanner is unique to many. For many of us, the parents we see are the ones we love the most – we grew up on a full house diet. The show is about three unfortunate dads who deal with three girls who walk into adolescence and adolescence in a show that spans eight years. It’s ridiculous – the show is not classic, it’s not age or very clever and it was not meant to be. It solves huge problems — perhaps more than that — solved in twenty minutes, which is the trademark of most sitcoms. However, the characters shone and their dialogues were often quoted many years later and they gave the show the cult-status it has today. And, one character is Bob Saget’s Danny.

He never intended to be a family-loving, dust-shattering Danny Tanner, in fact, he tried a whole host of other things before embarking on a career-defining show. In an old interview, he recalled his interesting trajectory. Richard Prior’s Critical Condition’s film ‘Off Sequence’ was his first work. “Then I got a PBS TV show called The Morning Program, which was Good Morning, against America. I did that for almost five months and was fired. ”

After that, people asked if he wanted to host a show that was constantly beating, so he made America’s funniest home videos for eight years. He worked over 80 hours a week on two trade shows, both family-friendly. As he proudly enters into ‘bad’ comedy, he enters into stand-up comedy, leaving Danny Tanner’s mantle forever. His sense of humor developed and he effortlessly moved to a different era.

However, some of us who are unaware of the stand-up comedy scene, wondered where Danny Tanner went.

When How I Met Your Mother became the voice for ‘The Elder’ or ‘Future’ Ted Mosby, Bob Sagate became another invisible TV dad to satisfy our cravings. To create the story, Bob Sagate was brought in to explain Ted’s experiences to his children and the storytelling tool to move the plot forward. Later, Saget explained that the makers were looking for an older actor with a recognizable voice. Recalling how he got the part he said, he said, “I’m doing a play in New York, it’s a Broadway play. And I got a call from Pam Freeman, one of the executive producers of How I Met Your Mother. She is also a director. And she was one of the best people I ever knew. Her daughters are my daughters’ friends so I know she is from my children’s school. She called and said, ‘Look, we think you’re right to be the voice Josh Radnor.’ And I said, ‘Why doesn’t he?’ This is what everyone is asking. [Laughs] And the reason is, they wanted him to look older, and people knew my voice, that familiar voice. They even considered another person for it and they went with me.

This is clearly the right call as it separates the narrative from the on-screen character played by Josh Radnor.

Bob Saget can use his voice to bring humor, little mystery and tragedy into the scene. Considering that HIMYM belongs to the 2000s and is not intended for young children like Full House, the life lessons described by Bob Sagate are very profound and effective. With a different cast acting out the story he did nothing big to tell — but there is always some charm to his words.

In one of his last interviews, Bob Sagate said he wanted to make people laugh. Well, he always did. It could be Danny Tanner or a floating voice.


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