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Lucas in Callum

Lucas (white shirt)

What did you expect?
Good company, someone with whom I could relax and be myself.

First impressions?
I was boarding it up but when I saw it I felt better. He wasn’t my usual type, but I sensed from his shirt and his smile that it was going to be a fun night.

What were you talking about?
We both feel comfortable sharing things you probably shouldn’t on a first date. We knew early on that we had both spent a night at Sunrise Memorial Hospital, Las Vegas, of all places.

Any awkward moment?
Slightly awkward moment when we moved into a bar and ran into a guy I’d been on a few dates with.

Good table manners?
Yeah, I think we were even with our chopstick skills.

The best of Callum?
His cheeky laugh. Very infectious.

Would you introduce Callum to your friends?
I’m not sure, they’re pretty intense and I wouldn’t want to scare him just yet.

Describe Callum in three words.
Cute, funny, amazing.

What do you think Callum made of you?
A windbag with too many stories, though I like to think I made him laugh.

Did you go somewhere?
Yes, we went for another drink, then a few more until we got kicked out.

And… did you kiss?
Well, I left her house the next morning, so fill in the blanks.

If you could change one thing about the night, what would it be?
Argentina beat Italy at Wembley that night, there were crowds everywhere. I needed a pee, but there was nowhere to go so I had to do it in a cup.

Scores out of 10?
We started off at a solid 7 but by the end of the night we were easily down to a 9.

Would you meet again?
I would like to hope so.

Lucas and Callum on their date.
Lucas and Callum on their date. Photograph: Courtesy of Lucas

Callum in Luke


What did you expect?
A fun night out, a decent meal and meeting someone to laugh with.

First impressions?
Super friendly and talkative. He was cute and made conversation easy.

What were you talking about?
What are we not talking about? We cover various chapters of our lives. We share Vegas stories, and let’s just say we’ve both been in situations where we’ve had one too many.

Any awkward moment?
None at all: he was really good at keeping the conversation going.

Good table manners?
Superb – it was good to share plates.

The best of Lucas?
Definitely her chat: it’s very bubbly. It was very easy to spend the night with him.

Would you introduce Lucas to your friends?
Yeah definitely, I think they’d find it funny!

Describe Lucas in three words.
Funny, talkative, cute.

What do you think Lucas made of you?
He said he liked my laugh, and it was clear that we were interested in each other.

Did you go somewhere?
We could have gone for a drink or two afterwards…

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And… did you kiss?
maybe once or twice…

If you could change one thing about the night, what would it be?
I wouldn’t miss the latest Tube!

Scores out of 10?
9 – Started off with a solid 8, but I think it deserves a 9.

Would you meet again?
It’s definitely very nice.

Callum and Lucas ate at HorizontalLondon W1. Do you fancy a blind date? Email [email protected]

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