Ben Affleck says Matt Damon was ‘major influence’ to leave Batman, Justice League calls ‘Nadir experience’

Actor Ben Affleck On screen he often talks about what kept him away from playing Batman and in a recent interview, he said that his close friend Matt Damon also played a role in his decision. Affleck starred as a DC superhero in the 2016 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and then starred in the Justice League movie. He also appeared in a guest role in Suicide Squad and in Jack Snyder’s Justice League – the film’s four – hour director cut.

After directing and flirting with the solo Batman movie, after being away from that role for many years, he will once again be wearing the Cape and Cole in the upcoming The Flash film.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly conducted by Damon, he told his friend about what happened. “I really got the Nadir experience around the Justice League for a lot of different reasons. No one was blamed, a lot of things happened. But really I was not happy with it. I did not like being there. I did not think it was interesting. And then some really s-ty things, terrible things happened. .But, I’m so, I’m not doing that anymore.

He continued, “Actually, I talked to you about it and you had a major impact on that decision. I want to do things that make me happy. Then we went and did Lost Duel and I spent every day having fun on this movie. I’m not a star, I do not like it. I’m a villain. Not everything I thought I was when I started and it was an amazing experience. And all of these are just things that I have not been chasing.

The Justice League was hit with a troubled product. After failing to stimulate the cut studio of Snyder’s film – Warner Bros. – Avengers director Jas Vedan was brought in to help. Vedon took full charge after Snyder left to deal with personal tragedy. Co-star Jason Momoa-backed actor Ray Fisher has accused Wayden of committing immorality on the set of the film. Affleck and Wonder Woman Gal Gadot both spoke briefly about the unpleasant experience.

The actor is currently attracting a buzz of awards for his performance Tender bar, A drama directed by George Clooney. Affleck and Damon won Oscars for writing Goodwill Hunting together.


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