Aquaman star Jason Momova and The Cosby show-fame Lisa Bonnet split up after 16 years | Hollywood

American actors Jason Momova and Lisa Bonnet are parting ways. Jason announced the couple’s decision to separate in a joint statement posted on Instagram on Thursday evening.

“We have all experienced the stress and changes of these transition times … a revolution is coming to an end and our family is no exception … feeling and thriving from the earthquake changes that are taking place. So we share our family news that we are breaking up in marriage, ”read the joint statement.

The cast added that the love between the two is ‘going on’. “It’s not because we think it’s news, but because we share it with dignity and honesty as we live our lives. The love between us continues, it develops in the ways we want to know and live. We release each other so that we can learn to change. ”

There are several pictures along with the ad, but not a couple. Pictures include one of the sunset skies, a man holding a baby bird and another close-up of a man wearing a shirt that reads “May My Soul Shout Love” and holding a small bird.

The couple were introduced to each other by friends at the Jazz Club in 2005 and soon began dating. They had been dating for a decade before getting married in 2017. In July 2007, the couple had their first child, Lola, and in December 2008 welcomed their second child, Nakova-Wolf. Lisa is also the mother of actor Joe Kravitz. Her first marriage was to musician Lenny Kravitz.

The couple ended the joint statement by stating that they will continue to be co-parents with their children. “Our devotion to this sacred life is unwavering, our children. Teach our children what is possible. Living the Prayer. May Love J&L prevail, ”it wrote.

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During his appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Jason told Lisa about his first date: “We were in the right place at the right time. I was actually scared of my hair for her. I have dreadlocks, she has dreadlocks. I literally turned around and I looked at her and she went, ‘I’m Lisa’. I turned to myself and my friend [pretended to scream]. I was firing fireworks inside, man, “he said at the time.

Jason first gained prominence with his role in the TV series Baywatch: Hawaii in the late 90s, but also played Khal Drogo in his successful fantasy show Game of Thrones. He also starred as Aquaman in DC films. Lisa Bonnet began her career as a child actress in the 70s and became one of the main cast members of The Cosby Show beginning in 1984.


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